LipSense® Ooops!™ Remover

 For removal of LipSense® Lip Colour, it’s highly recommended to use our Ooops!™ Remover.

♦ Apply the remover with your fingertip, and let it break down on your lips by rubbing them together for about 30 seconds to a minute
♦ Remove with a warm cloth. Repeat if Necessary – Do not scrub, it goes on in layers and comes off in layers!
♦ Finish off with a coat of Gloss or LipSense® Lip Balm

Fooops!® Cosmetics Dual Phase Colour Remover

Remove long-lasting SenseCosmetics quickly and easily with this unique, easy-to-use formula that activates when shaken.

♦ Gently whisks away makeup, including waterproof LashSense mascara
♦ Ideal for all skin types and leaves the face feeling cool and relaxed without an oily residue
♦ Safe for contact lens wearers

SenseCosmetics® Brush Cleaner

Contains a mixture of scientific and natural cleansing ingredients to thoroughly clean your artistry tools.

♦ Gently and effectively cleans brushes to remove bacteria and help prolong their life
♦ Helps prevent poor cosmetics blending or contamination that can be caused by dirty brushes
♦ Safe to use on synthetic or natural hair bristles


Provides the perfect touch of colour in a long-lasting, creamy blush that smooths easily over skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day.

♦ Available in a variety of shades to complement different skin tones
♦ Highly pigmented and formulated with advanced colour technology for water-resistant wear
♦ Blends with MakeSense® Foundation for a natural look


The Basics


Advanced Anti-Ageing



Skincare Solutions

Colour Correcting

MakeSense® Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser

Enjoy sheer coverage, colour correction benefits and skin protection in one easy step. Swipe on this smooth cream with light, medium to dark colour coverage over moisturiser and under foundation, if more coverage is desired. It works to counteract redness and decrease sun and age spots while offering a mechanical shield of sun protection. Suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone.

Colour Correcting Concealers

Hide imperfections and watch fine lines and flaws simply disappear with this creamy formula that is easy to blend.

♦ Works by using opposing colours to counteract specific flaws and even out skin tone
♦ Contains proprietary SenePlex® anti-ageing ingredients and the same advanced colour technology as MakeSense® Foundations
♦ Use to help minimise deep shadows or skin discolouration

Available in Light, Medium, Deep, White & Green