Want To Be A Distributor?


The sign up for a distributorship is £85 and this gives you the right to purchase products to sell at the discounts mentioned below.

Once you sign up, you essentially work for yourself, and you can start your business as an Independent Distributor of SheerSense selling SeneGence products purchased via SheerSense (the UK brokers), or if you choose not to become a seller, you can just buy products for personal use, there is no pressure and no targets. (other than a £200 spend, before discount, within a 6 month period). 

You don’t need to think that you have to put in large orders, you can buy one at a time if you wish, however, to gain most profit as you can see, the more you buy the bigger the profit for you. Buying stock in just 5 colours and 5 glosses take you into the 30% category which means that selling them would make you a profit of £60.00 or £12.00 for every colour and gloss sold. 

I am based in the London with a UK team, but have a huge network in the US on hand to assist with product info and tips etc. I have been learning this business since September 2016 and as your sponsor, I would be happy to help you with any answers. Once I get confirmation that someone has signed up under me, I can add you to many groups which are very useful and motivating.

Also, there is a great group specifically for UK ladies so I can offer you the best of both worlds; the experience from the US, and the specific UK knowledge of how we do things differently.

LipSense is becoming VERY popular in the UK, and is gaining momentum really fast, so now is a good time to join – and if you have friends who you think might be interested in buying from you, then you will be able to start making money fairly quickly.

Distributor Discounts are:-

Retail Product £0.00 – £199 = 20% Discount
Retail Product £200.00 – £599 = 30% Discount
Retail Product £600 – upwards = 40% Discount

You can also earn commission from sales by Distributors that you introduce to the company, starting from your very first downline.

How To Get Started

To become a Distributor you require a sponsor, I am happy to assist you and support you in your new business.

If you are interested, please email me and I will be more than happy to add you to this amazing network of women!

Arabella Brai
Distributor ID: 801083

Please Email getlippyuk@gmail.com for more info on how to apply

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