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SeneDerm® Body Wash

This gentle, rich foaming gel works to cleanse and moisturise the entire body. While traditional soaps can dry skin, Body Wash conditions and restores pH balance without stripping.

♦ Made of an aloe vera juice base for soothing skin
♦ Contains molecules that bind to impurities wash away oils
♦ Highly concentrated formula richly lathers with just a small dollop


Shea Butter Body Cream

Let the natural healing properties of Shea Butter allow you to experience immediate dry skin relief with each application of this rich body moisturiser.

♦ Delivers deep conditioning and anti-ageing properties from SenePlex® Complex
♦ Rich emollients allow this butter to melt into your skin for deep restoration and hydration
♦ Fantastic for concentration of severe dry areas like elbows, heels of feet & lips
♦ Makes a handy makeup remover!

Advanced Hydration Body Lotion

The finest in skin care for your body – this rich cream delivers intense, advanced moisturisation and anti-ageing benefits from SenePlex® Complex+.

♦ Works to firm and bring vibrancy to body’s skin
♦ Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) and exotic French Plum Oil for unparalleled moisture deliverance
♦ Includes a touch of gentle scent from natural oils

SeneDerm® Hand Cream

Our hands require extra care to balance, maintain and seal in moisture. SeneDerm® Hand Cream is packed with emollient-rich Shea Butter to soothe, and botanicals to protect skin, but leaves no greasy feeling behind. A little goes a long way as it ‘reactivates’ with water and rubbing throughout the day.

♦ Unique formula “reactivates” with water and rubbing throughout the day
♦ Protects hands from daily exposure to water, cold, heat and extreme elements including sunlight
♦ Covers delicate skin on hands with a protective coating to help seal in moisture

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